The Dacheville foundry has been founded by Pierre Dacheville in 1950. After the war, metals were rare, salvage was then really common.
The first aluminum alloy name created was ALPAX, which simply means aluminum of peace !
In its ateliers, you would have find then some, bicycle racers, water pistols ( seen in the movie "La guerre des boutons"), and a lot of other objects from this toy factory !
The toys are hand-painted by the neighbors, carefully conditioned, and brought by Pierre Dacheville in his Juva 4 Renault towards the depositories.
The story continues !
After a very full life, Pierre shared his knowledge and his enterprise to his nephews, Olivier and Anne Marie Nicol.
The factory name is then the Dacheville Nicole foundry.
In 1990, moderns ateliers are built in the artisanal zone of the same town.
Since a long time now, toys are not created anymore in our factory, but industrials and designers of all sectors make it more alive ever !
And the story still continues !

Crédit photos : Michel Slomka